Contract to Close Management


Introduce our role to every party involved in your transaction, including your client, agents, title, lender, and inspectors. Maintain contact throughout the transaction.


We will review every contract and document to verify correct  information, upload new documents, complete disclosures, and disburse all copies to involved parties.


Track contingency dates, escrow time frames, loan documentation, receipt and delivery of documents, escrow amendments, inspections and receipts for repairs.


Open escrow, request preliminaries, document earnest money deposit, complete closing company instructions, and send all documents to escrow.


Schedule inspections, order HOA materials, gather utility transfer information, and schedule closing.


Alert you to any problems along the way, and deliver a complete digital file to you after the transaction has closed.


Only pay when a transaction closes.







Do You Have Any Questions?

Browse through our frequently asked questions or feel free to reach out to us if you have a specific question!

What is a transaction coordinator?

Transaction coordinators manage the details of a real estate closing from contract to close. They interact with the agents, title company, attorneys, lenders and clients to ensure everything is completed per the contract.

Do you contact my clients?

That is completely up to you! We can simply manage the backend of the contract process and communicate needed issues with you, or deal directly with your client and CC you on all correspondence.

What areas do you service?

We currently service all of Virginia.

When are you paid?

Just like agents, we only get paid if the deal closes. Our fees will be paid directly through the closing company. If the contract falls through for any reason, we do not charge a fee.

Are your services secure?

Yes, we use contract services that are secure, including Dotloop, Docusign, PaperLess Pipeline and DropBox.

Are your TC's licensed agents?

Yes, all of our transaction coordinators are licensed agents.

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